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July 3rd, 2012

..:: Friends Locked ::..

Photo : Hiei : My world on my axis

This journal is now semi-friends' locked.
Most of the times i leave things unlocked anyway, but anything more sensitive WILL be under lock.
Comment on this post to be added.
Only pre-requisites are that we share at least one fandom and i don't work with you. =)
Only then will Seishirou let you pass.

March 4th, 2012

..:: Other Locations ::..

DC : Batsignal

Who I Am

Caught in a landslide ; escape from reality

Other Places

The Archeo Allegory - Livejournal comm where i post my fiction/fanfiction
Spacemonkey PhD - Rarely updated DeviantArt account
Maeglinhiei's Archive - AO3 Account (Only latest stuff posted)

Other Faces

To Twit- Hiei's Twitter
Hiei Blinks- Photos/Videos on Multiply
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Magpie Pickings - Hiei's Tumblr

The Smaller Life - Profile Page on GaiaOnline
Mistress of Shadow and Flame - Camillus' Character Sheet on World of Warcraft's Armoury

Andrio Redding - Old RP journal, so dead it's not funny

December 13th, 2010

..:: Romance ::..

Buffy : Xan&Will : My Rock
In an effort to get rid of horrid Christmas-relationship-less blues, i return with my Lay My Heart At The Foot Of Your Dress challenge, Christmas version. Here are the lyrics to Mark Knople's "Storybook Love". If you know the song, great. If not, look up the lyrics then come back here with a pairing or at least a fandom and i will deliver a ficlet/fic with a Romance/Christmas theme for that.

I will be at a belated birthday dinner with my sister tonight but i hope to come home and work on these.

I await your requests...

May 9th, 2010

Which shall also be known as Hiei cannot talk to celebrities she harbours not so secret crushes on.

under cut because it's insanely long with only four photos because of selfdestructing camera.Collapse )
Feel free to mock me mercilessly in the comments. Lord knows my sister did it enough ALL THE WAY HOME. lol

February 13th, 2010

Just a track list for now. Zipfile will be up by Valentines.


Why Don't You Like Me? (I'm Tired of Being In Love With You)

Liken a Razor : Adam Pascal
|| 'Cause I can't, | and I won't look away when you walk | But I'm through with being tied to nothing ||

Moratorium : Alanis Morrisette
|| I declare a moratorium on things relationship | i declare a respite from the toils of liason ||

Death of Cinderella : Alanis Morrisette
|| And this is the story of the death of Cinderella | She'd grow to be a maid if she couldn't find a fella | Who can use her | And it's all you could do not to throw her on the floor. ||

Just My Imagination : Gwyneth Paltrow & Babyface (Cover from 'Duets')
|| When his arms enfold me | I hear a tender love so deep | But in reality | He doesn't even know me ||

I Can't Make You Love Me : Bonnie Raitt
|| Lay down with me | Tell me no lies | Just hold me close | Don't patronize | Don't patronize me ||

Anna Begins : Counting Crows
|| It's moving me along | And Anna begins to fade away | It's chasing me away | She disappears | Oh lord, i'm not ready for this sort of thing ||

Coin Operated Boy : Dresden Dolls
|| Made of plastic and elastic | He is rugged and long lasting | Who could ever ever ask for more | Love without complications galore ||

Paper Bag : Fiona Apple
|| I said : 'Honey i don't feel so good | Don't be justified | Come and put a little love here in my void' | and he said 'it's all in your head' | And i said 'so's everything' | I thought he was a man | But he was just a little boy ||

I Quit : Hepburn
|| You can't roll me around your tongue no more baby | It's time to clear up your emotional debris | And i'm falling over board please don't save me ||

The Absence of Your Company : Kim Richey
|| I'm just trying to find my way | And a face to wear | And a place to be | In the absence of your company ||

Seven Things : Miley Cyrus
|| It was awesome but we lost it | It's not possible for me not to care | And now we're standing in the rain | But nothing's ever gonna change ||

I'm Not Okay : My Chemical Romance
|| Well, if you wanted honesty thats all you had to say | I never want to let you down or have you go ||

King of Wishful Thinking : New Found Glory (Cover)
|| I don't need to fall at your feet | Just coz you cut me to the bone ||

Grace Kelly : Mika
|| Why don't you like me? | Why don't you like me? | Why don't you like yourself? | Should i bend over? | Should i look older to be put on your shelf? ||

It Ain't Me Babe : Joachim Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon (Cover from 'Walk The Line')
|| Go away from my window | Leave at your own chosen speed | I'm not the one you want, babe | I'm not the one you need ||

Aside : Weakerthans
|| Rely a bit too heavily | On alcohol and irony | Get clobbered on by courtesy | In love with love and lousy poetry ||

December 12th, 2009

To Twit Today

Photo : Hiei : My world on my axis
  • 01:50 All the photos from the christmas party are coming out and OMG WTH LOL.
  • 02:08 @coffeebased inconcivable!
  • 02:11 @coffeebased OH GOD. lol i'm grabbing photos from other people and am trying to decide whether or not to put them up on LJ. LOL
  • 02:14 @coffeebased thats because i'm a tubby ass. lol
  • 02:17 @coffeebased aright then, i just need to put it up somewhere. lol.
  • 02:28 www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZF8t8JWvWE - Clip from Om Shanti Om, spoils the story but GOD its GORGEOUS. So is Shahrukh Khan!
  • 02:42 www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLz7thnuDMg&NR=1&feature=fvwp okay belay that last, watch THIS ONE. It has subtitles. I LOVE THIS SONG!
  • 04:42 god only knows how i'd be without you...
  • 13:04 Like steve mcqueen all i need's a fast machine...
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December 11th, 2009

To Twit Today

Photo : Hiei : My world on my axis
  • 01:20 i look at my friends and their happiness, their husbands, their new families, and i wonder what i may have missed along the way.
  • 02:18 @sillyshroom how shall i join then? ^_^
  • 09:05 @coffeebased stay at home, whack it on the head with paracetamol, fluids and cool it down.
  • 09:58 am awake after less than five hours sleep. BLARGH.
  • 10:15 posted up links to my stuff at deancastiel, was gonna for spn_gabriel too but i'm tired. Gonna nap till i need to wake up in a bit. *yawn*
  • 12:19 still half asleep and chasing down the tail end of a dream. but damn i need to go to work. *sigh*
  • 22:28 Shift kicked my sizable ass. Argh.
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But i keep trawling through comment_fic and just going nuts with the pervy pervy people in there.

Wrote a few more SPN stuff. Am thinking of posting them to comms and stuff but...i'm a little wary, i guess? I got a bit burnt the last time i posted anything up on an SPN comm. I dunno.

Need to sleep because i still have a shift tomorrow and i need to wake up for the shopping too. ARGH. WHY CAN'T I SLEEP.

December 10th, 2009

To Twit Today

Photo : Hiei : My world on my axis
  • 01:00 i know you want to love her but let me tell you brother she's been sleeping in the devil's bed...
  • 01:41 Supernatural Character 1 - Supernatural Wiki: bit.ly/3iQ3eW via @addthis - didn't expect to get this one
  • 02:15 @sillyshroom maybe there's not so much 'role' playing as actually reacting in that part. lol
  • 02:17 @sillyshroom don't think too much. here have a slice of cake.
  • 02:21 @sillyshroom *eyeglasses glint* Of course i'm right. I'm always right.
  • 02:21 @coffeebased *bows*
  • 02:23 @sillyshroom ?musebox?
  • 02:34 Illegitimi non carborundum!
  • 02:40 Check this video out -- Lamb - Gorecki www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtIeH_J-SiI - oh wow.
  • 02:43 @sillyshroom link?
  • 12:00 remind me again, why it's a good thing to go to work?
  • 18:33 Oddly enough i have the Hallelujah chorus stuck in my head. Dunno why.
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..:: Playthings ::..

Supernatural : Misha!Cas : Yo'Halo
Too bad i've got work tomorrow and shit to do this week. There are several things i've got percolating at the back of my head, lord knows there's space enough for it.

1.) Sam&Dean and YYH's Youkai. I know i sort of touched on it really REALLY lightly with One Way Highway, but i suddenly have a craving to play with Reiko again, and maybe send her and her estranged brother over to America this time. (And leave Tara and Shuuichi to sort out their married life, lol) A sequel of some sort? I left a really open note on the epilogue for OWH. Hm...

2.) This prompt for kijikun turned into a Sam/Gabriel one. Simply because i like the idea of love tokens left for a bewildered Sam. ^_^

3.) Fic for sis? Have own ideas about this.

4.) Okay, Y'all're going to shoot me for this, but something about crossing over Om Shanti Om with Supernatural. Not a straightforward one obviously, because OMG Bollywood!Winchesters would be a laugh riot but i wouldn't be able to write it (OH LORD. Trickster!Gabriel throwing them into a Bollywood movie during Changing Channels. MUST RESIST.) But my sister and i love love love LOVE that movie and the idea of ghosts and reincarnation and then the Ghost busting boys? EPIC.

4a.) As a sort of collorary to that, i'm thinking of a Bollywood!night for the brothers, when they can't find a job, and stuck in one place while waiting for their next round of credit cards to come in? Late night, nothing weird or even vaguely supernatural popping up. Bollywood on the telly, bag of chips each, beer. Would included Amazing!HinduSpeaking!Sam, Horny!Distracted!Dean with all the jingling jangling dance items. Confused!Castiel complete with Head Tilt of Humans Are Weird! Oh God i love my brain sometimes.

(I want to be the shirt on Shahrukh Khan's abs. I really really really REALLY do. Watch Om Shanti Om and realize why.)

Must sleep now otherwise i will be useless for tomorrow's shift. Be good kids! Peace, out!
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