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Ruins of Gondolin

Maeglin's Stalking Grounds

3 July 1984
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"Pure As New York Snow" banner made by me, lyrics picked from "Bette Davis Eyes", image taken from "The Virgin Suicides" same for some of the quotes used for the links.
Icons are a mixed bag, the ones that aren't made by me, they're credited. The ones i 'made' i tried to make sure i credited the source of the original image.
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Female Geek hailing from the Philippines. Currently living in a rented place in New South Wales, Australia. Would much prefer to live somewhere cooler, in all permutations of that word. Seriously.

I Write. Sometimes fanfiction. Sometimes own fiction. Sometimes Mary Sue inserts that I do just for the effing heck of it, especially now that I’ve gotten over the OMG-MARY-SUE-ness of it. I like writing to prompts though so that’s one sure fire way to get me writing something you want. Also, am shamelessly and frustratingly a comment whore. I live and die by the commentage I get on the fanfiction I make.

I have lots of fandoms and I fluctuate a lot. I don't write for all of them. I get very obsessive about them.

I like computers and technology. And once upon a time I could program in C++, Visual basic and the like. 'Cept now I can't because I have become stupid and my programming skills have stagnated.

Must be because I’m a nurse. Not a lot of programming in nursing. Currently a Registered Nurse in Liverpool Hospital. Graduated on April, 2007. But finished December of 2006. Currently working in the Emergency Department

My Tagalog is shockingly pathetic but I can understand and speak it at least. I think in lightning fast English, Unfortunately, the internal brakes don't seem to work and I always flub that one up as well.

I’m obsessive about blogging. If I don't update in a week, most likely it's been a hell of a fucked up week at work or i can't bring myself to crawl to Wing or any other computer. Don't worry, though. lolz

I am neurotic. This is partially to blame for the previous paragraph.

As of December 09, this journal is now Semi-friends locked, Turns out that a fair number of my co workers are actually aware of the strange phenomenon of the internets and of Livejournal in particular. This is me protecting myself from unfortunate events. So if you want to be added, just comment on the appropriate post and i will add you if we share at least one fandom and don't work together. That being said, most of my chozzerai are all nice and boring and safe anyway, so i leave those unlocked, same goes for my work journal and my fanfics.

-- Hiei (Hiei-shoujo, Maria) updated 11 December 2009

Myers briggs personality Type : INTJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinker, Judger) // ("It's Not Thoroughly Justified!" lolz)
Links here : Long and detailed, Cookie, but not very clear

Taken from here, is a good idea.This is my first post details page :First post.it's Flocked actually, not really private. but i don't mind y'all lookin at it. As long as you don't stalk me or anything.

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Masterlist of All The Written Stuff i Have On LJ
All my original fiction and fanfiction are listed here. it comes with appropriate warnings.

archeo_allegory houses all my works, ranging from both fanfiction and original fiction.

When i can be bothered, i am known as Doctor Spacemonkey on DevArt.


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Version: 3.1
GL/MD/SS@ d-(--) s-:+ a-- C++(++++)
!U P L !E W++ N+ !o K- w+(++) O-- M
V? PS++ PE Y+ PGP t++(+++)@ 5 X+
R+ tv+(++) b+++(++) DI+ D+(++)
G++ e>+++ !h r%>+++ x+


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...as Maeglin grew to full stature he resembled in face and form rather his kindred of the Noldor, but in mood and mind he was the son of his father. His words were few save in matters that touched him near, and then his voice had a power to move that heard him and to overthrow those that withstood him...

...to Maeglin [Morgoth] promised the lordship of Gondolin as his vassal, and the possession of Idril Celebrindal...and indeed desire for Idril and hatred for Tuor led Maeglin the easier to his treachery, most infamous in all the histories of the Elder Days...and he abode in the halls of the King with smiling face and evil in his heart, while the darkness gathered ever deeper...

...Tuor fought with Maeglin on the walls, and cast him far out, and his body as it fell smote the rocky slopes of Amon Gwareth thrice ere it pitched into the flames below...

"The Silmarillion"
by J.R.R.Tolkien


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i'm in slytherin!
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M*A*S*H is "best care anywhere" love
by xtakeaganderx

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Love, like humans, comes in all forms, both of which were created by God. We are simply all sexual.

Bisexuality is Real.